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Sports Betting Apps

Nowadays, Smart Phones come as the most needed and useful thing for all people. When you are a sports bettor and user of Australian bookmakers, you always trying to find easy and fast ways to make your bet. The advent of sports betting apps has greatly simplified the punting experience, as leading Australian bookmakers now provide convenient mobile betting platforms for placing bets. Remarkably, Australian betting sites have introduced a range of exceptional features that rival those found anywhere else in the betting world. On this page, we dive into a comprehensive exploration of the top contenders, uncovering who truly stands out as the best in the field.

  1. Sports Betting Apps in Australia
  2. International Betting Apps
  3. Best Apps for Betting on Sports in Australia
    1. Popular betting apps
    2. Best betting app with high odds
    3. Best betting site with deposit
    4. Best betting site with cash-out
    5. Compare betting apps
  4. New Betting Apps in Australia
  5. Types of betting apps available to Australians
    1. Betting apps for Android
    2. Betting apps for iOS
  6. Best Betting App Offers Australia
  7. FAQ About Australian Sports Betting Apps

Sports Betting Apps in Australia

Australian bettors have a wide range of excellent choices when it comes to sports and racing betting apps. The majority of reputable betting sites offer exceptional downloadable apps for smartphones and tablets, ensuring a seamless betting experience. The betting sites in Australia are currently experiencing a significant shift from desktop to mobile and tablets, driven by cutting-edge betting apps. These apps not only provide quick and effortless bet placement but also enable users to engage in betting activities anytime and anywhere. Whether it's during a work break, while travelling, or while enjoying a day at a sporting event or horse racing, punters can conveniently participate in betting with ease.

Online bookmaker apps have been designed to provide instant access to upcoming events and future betting markets, enabling users to place bets as the game or race commences. With a wide range of betting markets and the ability to stream live events on your mobile device, these apps have truly revolutionized the punting experience, catering to both Apple and Android users. While certain apps outshine others, some Australian bookmakers have dedicated considerable time and effort to enriching their products with enhanced content, features, and data.


Top Offers
  • Well designed website
  • Popular bookie in the World
  • Great promotions
  • Not always all events
  • Customer support not always

Take Unibet

Most Popular in Australia With Promotions
Visit Unibet Read Review


eSports Pro
  • Great for eSports betting
  • Daily sports tips and live streams
  • Popular local bookmaker
  • Only dark design

Take Picklebet

The Most Innovative Bookmaker in Australia
Visit Picklebet Read Review


Best Local Bookie
  • Suitable for serious punters
  • Great odds on racing and sports
  • High quality mobile app
  • Pure live betting market
  • Without live streaming service

Take PlayUp

Excellent for All Types of Betting With Fixed Odds
Visit PlayUp Read Review


Pros' Pick
  • Mostly all betting markets
  • N1 bookie in the World
  • More than 100k events live streamnig
  • User interface
  • Chance to be blocked for VPN users

Take Bet365

Most Popular Bookie in The World
Visit Bet365 Read Review

International Betting Apps

When we are talking about international sports betting apps, we mean the same betting sites which are licensed in the Australian betting market but are found outside of Australia. Such betting sites are Bet365, Unibet, Ladbrokes. All of them have excellent betting apps for betting on sports and racing too.

Best Apps for Betting on Sports in Australia

It is highly advisable for punters to have accounts with multiple online bookmakers to ensure they maximize their betting potential and access the best possible odds. Consequently, it is recommended to install multiple sports betting apps on your mobile device. This approach becomes even more crucial as new betting apps continue to be released regularly, offering additional options and opportunities for users. By diversifying your accounts across various bookmakers, you can ensure you get the best value for your wagers and take advantage of a wider range of betting options. Look at the below to register on one of the best betting sites with the best sportsbook app.

Apart from the best betting apps in Australia, there are other popular betting apps that are widely used by sports bettors in Australia. These apps include: Picklebet, PlayUp

Best betting app with high odds

When it comes to sports betting, the odds play a pivotal role in decision-making. An excellent betting app with high odds should provide users with the best odds, ensuring that they receive optimal value for their wagers. In Australia, several top-notch betting apps offer exceptional odds, including PlayUp and Bet365

Best betting site with deposit options

Fom our partners, betting apps with the best deposit options are:

Best betting site with cash-out

Fom our partners, betting apps with best deposit options are:

Compare betting apps

Soon we will provide a list of the most popular betting sites apps details to compare and help make the decision on which to install.

New Betting Apps in Australia

Mostly we recommend using PlayUp and Picklebet because of their fast growing popularity.

Types of betting apps available to Australians

There is two most popular mobile operating system in the world: iOS and Android. After checking most of the Australian local bookmakers has both options to download on your device. Rest punters, whose mobile devices do not support the above OS, have the possibilities to use web-based apps for their needs with mobile browsers.

Betting apps for Android

Most sportsbook app in Australia are available for Android devices. All Android OS smartphone owners should be careful when they will download betting apps from PlayStore because there should be unofficial developers who upload branded applications by different bookie's names.

Betting apps for iOS

Betting apps for iOS are also widely available in Australia. Opposite Android users, iPhone and iPad owners are safe when they download online sports betting apps from App Store.

Best Betting App Offers Australia

By the rules of Australian betting regulations, there is no possibility to see any betting or mobile sports betting app offer. We cannot guarantee such promotions, it all is in your hands, take a mobile device click on the bookmaker review on our website and download the sports betting application and check possible offers directly on the betting site account.

FAQ About Australian Sports Betting Apps

What is the best betting apps to bet on sports?

In our opinion, best sports betting app has PlayUp

What sports betting apps can I use in Australia?

Mostly all Australian local and international branded bookmakers have sports betting apps for both Android and iOS versions, additional their website is mobile friendly for mobile browsers

What is the new sports betting app in Australia?

There is two new bookmakers with betting app: PlayUp and Picklebet

What is the safest sport betting apps in Australia?

One of the safest apps has Bet365, PlayUp, PalmerBet and Unibet. Mostly all app developers are checked by Play Store and App Store

Which online betting app is best?

Bet365 has a user-friendly interface betting app with a wide range of sports bets and horse racing events

What sport betting app work in Australia?

Bookmakers, which operates by Australian local betting license has betting apps and all works in Australia

Which are the most trusted app for betting on sport?

The most trusted app is presented by the most trusted bookmakers which are Bet365, PlayUp, Unibet, Betfair, Picklebet

What kind of sport bet app can I use?

Australian bettors can use different kinds of sports betting app:

  • iOS Betting App
  • Android Betting App
  • Mobile-Friendly Browser Versions

What is the best AFL betting app in Australia?

Ladbrokes and Bet365 has popular AFL mobile betting app.

Which betting app has live streaming?

Bet365, Sportsbet, and Unibet present live streaming to their customers. Some of them show horse racing live streaming, mostly Bet365 covers a wide range of live sport

Summarize Words

The future of betting in Australia lies in mobile sports betting apps. These apps provide users with a seamless and user-friendly betting experience, accompanied by a diverse array of features and advantages. The top-notch betting app available in Australia offers attractive odds, live streaming capabilities, live betting options, and convenient cash-out functionalities. Additionally, users can enjoy a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods to suit their preferences. By comparing the features and benefits of each app, users can select the one that best aligns with their individual needs. With new betting sites apps continually entering the market, the Australian betting landscape is in a constant state of evolution, presenting users with an ever-expanding range of choices and opportunities for winning.

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